Now, refer back to the NASA Trek tab and look at the moon landing dots. Take a negative/hole cylinder out of the Tinkercad side menu, and set its dimensions to 5.5 x 5.9 x 20 mm. Duplicate this cylinder 4 times.

Place each cylinder right on where 1 moon landing dot corresponds from the NASA Trek map to the Tinkercad map. You should be able to compare views and have a cylinder where each orange dot is on the map. Windows’ Snap View works well for this.

Take a negative/hole cylinder out of the menu and set the size to 13 x 13. Keep the height at 20 mm, the default. Rotate it 90 degrees on the X axis and set it into the side, like in the picture. Duplicate it 4 times and set them an equal distance apart.

Now, to naming…

Take a text box out of the menu. Put Ap. 11 in it. Shrink it to 6.5 mm high x 1.5 deep x 14.25 wide. Put this over the first button hole on the side. Duplicate it. Change the 11 to 12 and do the same thing. Repeat until each hole has a name of a moon mission over it.

Group all objects except for the other rectangle again.

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