I have been lucky enough to perform my office job from the comfort of my home for the past year. In that time my home-office has evolved from a dinner table, to standing at my kitchen island, to a makeshift desk in my basement, and finally to a rolling sit-stand command center I built myself. Having the flexibility to sit or stand has really helped my mobility and activity throughout the work day, but there is a more primal problem at hand here: standing on hard floors sucks.

Our feet were not built to stand on an hard concrete surface, or even a soft flat padded surface if you’re able to stand on carpet or a foam standing mat. Our feet crave terrain, to have their dozens of bones and joints and hundreds of muscles stretched and activated. Without that we tend to develop posture and balance problems, literally from the ground up.

Enter STOIC, a standing mat designed to give your feet the wildness they deserve.

Monkii developed this modular mat with 3D scans of outdoor features that would challenge and engage your feet. They went through a successful Kickstarter phase for STOIC and are beginning to ship their first kits now. However, as their mission is more focused on their community than their bottom line, they’ve asked me to create a DIY version of their standing mat make the benefits of such a product available to everyone, including those on tight budgets.

**WARNING** Use caution when using the tools and materials described in this guide. Always use proper safety equipment and handling procedures as outlined in the labels of these products.

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