Fill the dozen compartments evenly.

They should be heaping full.

Sprinkle seeds on top, about 8-10 each. The salty crunch topping really complements the muffin ingredients.

Place in center of oven. I baked for 28 minutes in my oven, and it was perfect.
Note: the second time I made these they needed almost 40 minutes! I will update again when I make them next week again, and see what they need.

When timer is up, remove immediately and place pan on cooling rack for five minutes.

Remove muffins and place on cooling rack.

After 5 minutes they are ready to devour,

Can leave out for a day or two, or transfer to fridge.

(Don’t cover with just saran wrap, as that will soften the seeds and diminish the salt effect.)

You won’t regret making these, they really are fantastic muffins!

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