Using the 1×3″ and 1×4″ boards, I started cutting the pieces out for the windows and the door to the playhouse. After assembling each, I bored holes in each intersection of the vertical and horizontal pieces for the bolts to fit into.

To match the rustic and worn look of the house in the game, we used a grinder to grind down the bolt ends, and roughed up the window and door pieces. Sanding, chiseling out small random pieces, dragging them on the ground, and hitting them with Mjolnir helped to give that rustic look to the windows, door, and the bolts (as well as all the other pieces that will be going into the playhouse).

We also used different shades of paint, sanding unevenly between each layer, to help accentuate the aged effect.

Adding hinges to the windows and door, then screwing them onto the playhouse, I finished by framing each opening. I also added a trim piece to the outside door to act as a stopper for the door and help keep rain/bugs out.

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