In this process, having everything right on hand pre-measured, makes the process go so much easier. So I have given the items that I have used in this instructable in picture form with the measuring items I have have available to me, yours might be slightly different.

Once your supplies have been put all in the same location, start measuring your ingredients. For the Blueberry Pie Filling that I made, that would make 7 Quarts shelf stable Pie Filling, I used the following:

*6 Quarts (24 cups) Fresh picked blueberries

* 6 Cups Granulated Sugar (make sure there are no clumps)

* 9 1/3 cups cold water (or juice)

* 2 1/4 Cup Clear Jel (This is NOT clear Jello — it is a refined cornstarch — not found in everyone’s local grocery store. You may need to look to a community like the Amish or Menite who have a store near you, or look on Amazon for this product. The product I boiught was Hoosier Hill Farm Clear Jel, 1.5 Lbs.) ** This is an affiliate link, while you will not be obligated to buy, if you do click and/or purchase, I do get some credit from this link.)

* 1/2 Cup Lemon Juice

** You can also include Food Coloring if you want but I did not use it. The link to the full recipe, and other pie fillings is here.

Full Pie Filling Recipe link.

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