First, you want to make sure your Arduino is set up, use pages 12-13 to build the Arduino board.

Next, you want to assemble the circuit on the board using the picture above or page 54 in the book as a guide.

Building the circuit requires a lot of attention. Here are some pointers so that you don’t get lost:

— The red wire connects power from one side to the other so there is power on both sides.

— It doesn’t matter which number you connect your wire to as long as you also change the number when coding.

— The 220 OHM resistors are all positioned after the wires.

— The leg wire that connects the LED to the ground is the longest one (it is the negative end).

— The 10 KILOHM resistors are all positioned before the wires.

— The longest leg on the photoresistors is positively charged, so it needs to be connected to power, and the shortest one is negatively charged, so it needs to be connected to ground.

Note: If in doubt ask the teacher.

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