Although many are familiar with origami folding, this may be slightly difficult for younger ages. These instructions should allow students from grades 3 to 5 the tools and knowledge to learn how to fold paper flowers themselves in a less complicated but still creative way in their classroom. As they become more familiar with the beginning instructions given below, they will be able to deviate more and innovate the designs to become uniquely their own.


— Students will learn how to apply STEL practices, standards, and contexts, and the creative design process to a hands-on project

— Students will learn how to create paper flowers with basic classroom materials

Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (STEL) Applications:

While this project is simple, this does not mean it refrains from addressing the standards, practices, and contexts that help a student excel in their educational journey. Listed below are those standards, practices, and contexts that this project applies for students.


Core Concepts of Technology and Engineering — Completing this project helps to explain to young students how parts that are seemingly unrelated can be used to create a whole product given specific criteria and constraints.

Design in Technology and Engineering Education — This is an artistically based project and will assist in any child’s creative process and nature. Understanding the creative and design processes better in this project will help them apply that to other sorts of assignments.


Creativity — As previously stated, this project is one that is considered by most to be an art project, but this creative process that they will be asked to use can be applied to all sorts of future assignments and assessments.

Making and Doing — This is a hands-on process that is used to show that creativity can result in the creation of new physical products. Students will not only learn that such a thing is possible but will learn how to move through the process themselves.


Material Conversion and Processing — Being given a set of materials and working to create something entirely new from them is a great lesson in this context and what it means to process materials to achieve a particular goal.

To complete this project, students are each going to need a set of supplies (listed below). These can vary in type (i.e. getting glue sticks instead of glue bottles, etc.), but they will all be necessary in some capacity to create the final product of the paper flower(s). More will be needed the more flowers they complete. Each supply piece is one that children are often already familiar with within their own classrooms and homes and can be purchased if necessary at any craft or supply store for minimal cost (about $10 per student with basic supplies).

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