Once you’ve done all of the wraps you want, make sure the working yarn is held in place so all of the yarn doesn’t just fall off. To do this, you can rest the pebble on the yarn, you can hold the yarn with your hand, or you can use a little masking tape. The tape can damage your yarn though so use it in moderation 🙂

Then feed the yarn tail into your yarn needle and weave it through the strands at the back of the pebble.

To weave, you simply need to go in and out of the strands all of the way across to the left. If you have enough yarn tail left, you can then weave back to the right again, but in the oppposite way — so where you just went over a strand you will go under, and where you went under you will go over.

Do this until you have used up the yarn tail.

Then cut your working yarn to give you a yarn tail of at least 10-12″, and feed this into the yarn needle.

Weave it towards the left, going in and out of the strands. You want to move diagonally towards the other woven yarn tail.

Then weave back across to the right, just above where the previous yarn tail is. Make sure you weave between all of your yarn wraps (5 in my case).

Keep weaving back and forth until you’ve used up this yarn tail too. Make sure, however, that you finish on the same side as where the previous yarn tail ends.

Then once you have checked your strands are all where you want them (i.e. evenly spaced and under tension), double knot the 2 yarn tails together.

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