The screen shots of the process are from an earlier Instructable, its the same process.

The first thing to do is to cut 2 blanks out of the ebony, to do this I use a hole saw, 35mm on this occasion which is a bit on the large size but its all I had, the hole saw leaves a hole in the centre of the blank, we can then transfer it to the lathe and enlarge the hole enough with drills so we can get the boring tool in, we then turn the blanks making the hole just the right size using the Titanium bands as our guide 2 different sizes of course his and hers.

Once we have the correct hole sizes sorted we can then transfer the blanks onto the expanding ring mandrel, this is what I use to turn the blanks down using the auto feed on the Lathe, I take it down as far as I dare using the Auto feed then cut to the correct width of each ring, the final thickness is achieved with sand paper.

The ebony blanks can now be trial fitted on the Titanium bands and ensure that they tighten up correctly, we don’t want a gap in the ring when tightened, the ebony needs to be just proud of the bezel on the ring.

When I am happy that the ebony blank fits ok, I apply a little CA Glue to the inside of the blank, and then screw both pieces together, and tighten up.

The ring can now be pushed back onto the expanding ring mandrel and final sanding and and adding a little radius to the edges.

Please use a dust Mask whilst applying CA Glue, it gives off fumes, Now we have to stabilize the ring, to do this we use CA glue, this is applied with a cotton bud, or paper towel can be used, I try to keep CA glue off the Titanium as much as I can, I apply it around 5/6 times each time just spraying activator from a distance so its a mist, too much and the CA glue whitens.

To Polish.

I use 600 grit then 1000 grit wet and dry and until a smooth finish is achieved then use Micro mesh pads with water going through the range, then clean with a cloth and for a final lustre I use plastic polish, then finally buff the rings up.

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