The electronic control board should do the following:

  • Switch the laser on and off
  • Detect if the laser was interrupted
  • play a sound in case of an interruption

You need the following pieces:
— 4x5cm breadboard
— attiny 24, 44 or 84 (depending on your programmer)
— two pushbuttons
— two LEDs
— one FET, or a normal transistor
— some resistors and one capacitor
— some cables

I started out with a solderless breadboard for initial testing as you can see in the picture. This way I could improve the software and recognize possible problems in an early stage. Instead of sound and laser I used simple leds in the first place.

In a later stage, I replaced the poti and the LED for a red laser and the LDR built in a tube for fizzy tablets. 😉

If you only copy my device you can skip this step. But if you have different parts, it might be good to test them also like I did.

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