For this step, you will need:

  • Your smooth, flat tiles
  • 10*2 standard piece
  • 2, 2*2 standard pieces
  • A combination of standard pieces that make a 2*8 length
  • Baseboard

Firstly, if you have lots of smooth, flat tiles, lay them out on your baseboard in similar positions to mine this just means that whatever you are catapulting doesn`t get stuck underneath. However, if you have 4 tiles, don`t worry, lay out the 2 at each end of my picture (when you get to firing your catapult, if you find that the ends of the arm get caught within the dots, move these tiles around until the arm sits comfortably at either end without getting stuck).

Next, put your 2*8 piece along one of the longer edges of your baseboard in the centre (in my case there are 6 spare dots either end) and, 1 dot in from either end of this piece put in your 2*2 pieces. Now, in your 2*2 gap between the 2*2 pieces, push down the end of your long 10*2 piece. This piece sticks out across the centre of your board, ready to be attached to the other pivot side — not in this step.

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