To make my box I used birch plywood.My local craftstore had only 4 mm thick plywood and the dimensions were 21×30 cm.I used 3 pieces in total.

Start out by tracing the dimensions of the box with a pencil.Refer to the first image for the exact measurements.

If you have absolutely zero experience with wood like me I would advise you to trace and cut each piece one by one rather than tracing everything at once and then cutting.This way you will avoid discrepancies regarding the measurements.

Cut out the following pieces:

  • The front — 17×17 cm
  • The back — 17×20 cm
  • The sides + the dividing part — three pieces that are 17×8 cm each
  • The base — 18.5×10 cm
  • The lid — 17×9.5 cm
  • The lid «stoppers» — two pieces that are 6×1 cm each

Like I said,I have no experience working with wood,especially not with cutting it.I cut my plywood using…a craft knife! You read that correctly.

Did it work? Obviously. Would I recommend you to cut plywood with a craft knife? Probably no,unless you absolutely have to.

The only reason why I had to cut my plywood with a craft knife is because I simply did not have any power tools.Needless to say it took forever to cut but I got there.

My advise to you — use whatever wood cutting tool you have or want but please make sure you are safe or better yet — get a professional to cut it for you.

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