The first step of building anything is planning. So first, think of what functions and appearance you would like the product to have?


1. Can control the brightness.

solution: add a variable resistor to control the LED

2. Can hold photos.

solution: create a frame on the front of the box.

3. Easier to fit any size of photo but not cutting off the focuses of the photo.

solution: keep the frame in square shape.

4. Can change the photo.

solution: open a place on the top for changing photos.

5. The photo should be protected.

solution: put the photo into a transparent protective film.


1. The shape should not affect the storability.

solution: The model will be a cube. Having a flat platform allows the box to be places anywhere stably and other objects can be place on the top of the box, too, increasing the storability.


according to the design layout, we need 6 pieces of foam broad in different sizes:

11.7cm*12cm / 2 (1 will be cut to let the wire out.)

12cm*12cm / 2 (1 will be cut as the frame.)

11.7cm*11.7cm / 2 (1 will be cut to put the variable resistor.)

(this measure is base on 0.3cm foam boards, if the foam board you’re using has a different thickness, this measure will not fit.)

(The size of the box built by the foam boards should be 12.3cm*12cm*12cm)

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