Export each component as an STL file, and send them to the Ultimaker Cura 3D printing software.

I used the following settings in the Creality Ender 3D printer.

Printer Nozzle Size: 1mm

Supports: enabled

Retraction distance: 10 mm

Retraction retract speed: 60 mm/sec

Prime speed: 30 mm/sec

Z hop when retracted: enabled

Max Z speed: 120 mm/s

Z hop height: 1 mm Travel

speed: 200 mm/s

Layer height: 0.15 mm

Print temp initial layer: 200 Temperatures

Print Bed Temperature: 60 Temperatures

Main Printing Temperature: 180 Temperature (degrees) for the main print

TempOverhang: 30 degrees

Brim: enabled

support Pattern: Grid Support

Placement: Touching build Plate

Support Overhanging angle: 45

All the other settings: default

Material: PLA

Infill Density: 10

Initial Layer height: 0.2

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