3) Once you got the circuit to work, start making the pendant on Fusion 360 by using NASA’s original design as a reference.

4) First, work on the bottom piece of the pendant. Start out by using the center diameter circle tool to draw a circle and the center rectangle tool to sketch a rectangle that was centered on the circle’s rim. Then, use the trim tool on Fusion 360 to remove the inside pieces of where the rectangle and circle intersected.

5) Repeat step 4 to create another circle and rectangle so the circles were concentric and the rectangles were centered.

note: in the picture, I drew circles at each corner, but this is actually not necessary since you will not be needing these parts of the sketch at this step.

6) Then, use the fillet tool to round out the corners where the rectangle and the circle intersected. Fillet each side by 20mm. (All measurements in the picture on the left are in millimeters)

7) Once you have this basic sketch, extrude it. Extrude the interior part of the sketch by 10.5 mm and then use the shell tool to hollow the inside (I shelled it by 1.5mm). Then, extrude the outside part of the sketch by 7.5 mm.

8) Extruded the bottom of the pendant by 1.5 mm so that it will have a thicker base.

9) To create the opening for the necklace string, extrude the top face of the pendant by 5 mm

10) Then, on one side of the top part of the pendant, draw a center diameter circle with a 4 mm radius. After, extrude it so that it will create a hole through the other side.

11) Next, sketch 17 mm radius circles centered at the top left and top right corners of the pendant.

12) Select each of these circles and extruded them by -7.5mm, which is the height of the outer part of the pendant.

13) After, use the fillet tool to round the top edges of the pendant by 3.75mm and the bottom edges by 2.5mm. Also, fillet the upper corners of the pendant by 2.5 mm.

14) To create the compartment for the switch, create a new sketch with the inside of the pendant as the face and used the center rectangle tool to create a 6.5mm x 11mm rectangle centered at the bottom of the pendant and a 5mm x 9.5mm rectangle centered within that one.

15) Inside the smaller rectangle, draw a 3.7mm x 4.3mm rectangle and use the center diameter circle tool to create circles with a radius of 1.85mm on either side of the rectangle. Afterward, use the trim tool to cut out the excess parts of the rectangle and circle. The fourth picture on the left shows how the sketch should look.

16) In the part that is shaped like an ellipse, extrude it by -3 mm so that it will cut a hole through the bottom of the pendant.

17) In the outline of the rectangle, I extrude it up by 4 mm. Also filleted the opening of the slide compartment by 3 mm.

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