This is actually the easy part of this build.

In order to avoid short-cuircuits when using the lamp on metallic surfaces, the ATTiny is up 5mm from the base.

It’s maintained centered in position during soldring using a small piece of 5mm plywood.

I flattened the pins of the ATTiny and cut the tips of the pins.

The ground connection to pin 4 is soldered first, to the base square.

The color mode selection touch switch is connected to pin 2 and placed near a ground line. I chose to use a L-shaped brass rod. Its short side must not touch the ground connection on the base square. It’s left about 1mm up the base square.

Pin 8 is connected to VCC. I chose to use an ILS switch with a little sliding magnet, because I had one laying around and I like ILS switches, but you may choose to use anything else, or no switch at all.

I had a scavenged micro barrel power socket and plug handy too.

The only 100nF capacitor I had was scavenged on a PCB so I had to find somewhere I could solder it with its short pins. It should have been located as close as possible to the ATTiny.

Before going further I made sure everything was OK by temporarily connecting a Neopixel bar. The first 4 or 8 LED should light-up (depending whether you changed the default number of LED in the software).

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