We used a micro:bit V2 with a Crazy Circuits Bit Board and some LEDs to build a simple reaction game as a paper circuit project. The micro:bit V2 has a built-in speaker which we utilized for sound effects, along with the built-in LED matrix to show the score. The sticky Maker Tape handles all of our connections and allows current to flow to the LEDs and allows us to easily make a paper switch!

Maker Tape is a conductive nylon tape. Unlike copper foil tape it is very strong (you can’t «rip» it, but can easily cut it with scissors) and it is conductive on the top and bottom, and all the way through, so you can easily overlap it. For this project the 1/8″ wide tape works well for connecting to the Bit Board, but if you have 1/4″ wide tape it can make things a bit easier for connecting the LEDs and constructing your own paper switch.

Note: For some in-depth explanation of the code and a template download the PDF file.

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