Mask Shape?

To make these masks you need a basic shape for your mask that you can add detail on to later. First off you need to make the foam to trace on. Cut up the EVA foam mat into chunks and then glue them back together like in the photo above. Once completed you can trace a mask into the foam, what I did to get the shape for mine was I bought a cheap face mask and traced the shape on to the foam (You will need 2 of these to make both sides of the mask, if your foam has a texture on the bottom make sure to reverse the pattern on the second piece). Cut along the lines and you got a very simple shape.

Weathering: Part 1

We’ll be doing this a lot so get ready. Take both your pieces to any road or driveway and just rub the smooth side of your foam against the asphalt if it starts to scratch that’s good once you think its damaged enough we can move on to the next step.

Assembling the Shell

When making the shell the foam may prove hard to force together so what you need to do is cut the curved edge at an angle on both pieces, Once that’s done add a bit of glue at the top of the curve and hold both pieces together and repeat until you have your finished mask shape. Its okay if you have a gap in between the seam as it will make it look welded together when we paint it.

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