Before the ingredients start getting mixed you’ll want to have your molds ready to receive the soap, and shave a few bars of any solid white soap into small particles to add to the soap in the final steps (they will become the stars in the night), we used a cheese grater to make ours. The amount you’ll need will be a reflection of how many stars you want in your bars. We added about 20% of the soap volume for this recipe.

Once the prep is done we can start off by mixing the water and lye together, the time it takes to fully dissolve can be long depending on the temperature and how much you’re mixing it, so best to get it started first.

*always add lye to water* never the other way around.

Put on your gloves, mask and eye protection, if you get some of the mixture on your skin just wash it off with soap and water, but you’ll want to wear protection to keep sensitive areas like your eyes safe at all times. If you’re smelling the lye water as you mix, you might want to step back to avoid inhaling the fumes.

Work in a well ventilated area (we usually go outside) and mix up the water in the smaller container with the metal spoon and add the lye while stirring.

You should see the water become cloudy and temperature increase as the lye dissolves into the water.

stir to make sure there isn’t a solid forming on the bottom (if it does, just keep stirring until it’s broken up) then set it aside as we move to the second step.

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