Usually when I’m making a project, I think of using a tool that helps me with accuracy. For example, when I want to measure the diameter of a pipe, gear, bottle, etc. which dimensions are uneven (non-flat object). And another problem arises when I want to create a guide line for the boundary of cutting objects, pasting other objects that are parallel to their outer borders.

However, in reality the tools on the market have a limited measuring length in the range of 16-20 cm and a limited function, namely only as a measuring tool that cannot be used to make auxiliary lines.

Because of that I wanted to make my own tool that I need using components that I have around me. I really hope this instructable can be very helpful for those who want to make a tool but do not have a 3D printer.

Caliper: Used to measure an object, especially a non-flat object

Offset Tool: Used to make a parallel line to an object at a specified distance. If you are familiar with Offset tool in AutoCAD, this offset tool works the same.

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