Instructions can also be found on my previous Instructable: Repurpose Old/Blown Light Bulbs

You will need some common tools like a screwdriver and snip pliers. Now it’s time to dawn your gloves and eye protection as we will be breaking the back of the bulb open.

— Start by gripping the brass screw and give it a twist back and forth this should free up the adhesive and break the wires leading to the filament.

— Once the brass screw has been pulled off you will see an indent with a glass tube sticking out with wires, use your screwdriver to break it away. This will create the opening in your bulb.

— Using a screwdriver you can carefully enlarge the hole a bit so that you can shake the filament out.

— Now you can wash out your bulb with some tap water being careful of the sharp bits of glass leftover.

— Using a Dremel with the grinding stones you can start to enlarge the hole in the bulb, make sure you have all your protective equipment on as the bulb can easily shatter.

The surface you are grinding must always be cooled with water otherwise it will crack. To do this I fill the bulb to the brim with water and set my Dremel to the lowest speed, take it slow and don’t put any pressure on it.

Because the glass is so thin this process is quite quick and I have never had a bulb crack.

— When you’re done you can use some 400 grit sanding paper to smooth the edges.

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