Introduction: Wet Felted Masquerade Mask

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Learn how to make a masquerade mask or Venetian mask, however you want to call it. The process to make this mask is called wet felting, in which you add soapy water to wool to shrink wool fibers. I recommend reviewing my ultimate guide to wet felting if you’re new to wet felting.

Download the masquerade mask template to make it easy to cut out the mask.


Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Download Masquerade Mask Template

Step 3: Lay Out the Fiber

Lay thin layers of fiber in opposite directions. There should be 4 layers in total.

Step 4: Wet the Wool

Cover the wool with the mesh and add warm water that has been mixed with olive oil soap. Begin lightly rubbing it, checking to make sure the fibers don’t stick.

Step 5: Roll

Once the fibers aren’t sticking, place a pool noodle on one side and roll everything up into a towel and roll it 100 times, turning it a quarter turn every 25 rolls. Repeat this from each side of the wool. Then flip it over and repeat it again.

Step 6: Shape on Mask

Place the fabric onto the plastic mask and rub until it shrinks to the mask and gets all the details.

Once it’s ready, rinse it off and let it soak in water with a splash of vinegar. Then let it dry.

Step 7: Trace

Step 8: Cut

Cut out the mask and eye holes.

Step 9: Add Fabric Stiffener

Mix the fabric stiffener with a little bit of water and paint it onto the back of the mask.

Step 10: Dry on Plastic Mask

Place it back onto the plastic mask to let it dry.

Step 11: Add Ribbons

Once dry, add the ribbons (15″ long) on the sides. You can either hold them in place or add clips until it dries.

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