Now you will have 4 wires to work with. Bend the back-most wire on the left out of your way, and take the remaining 3 and gather them together, smoothing them next to each other, so when you bend them, you can see each wire in the swirl. Start bending the group with your fingers, and sort of hold them down with your thumb when you cross over the stone. Bend the wires in a loop while securing the wires in place with your thumb, and rotate them once around to create the loop, and then cross them over to the side of the stone, then bend them to the side and to the back.Since I had a hole in the stone, I made sure my loop covered the hole so you didn’t see it.(Pics 1&2)

Turn your stone around and with your round nosed pliers, grab a wire and tuck under a back wire, and maybe grab the end and loop it around a wire that is anchoring the back. Do this with the remaining wires, trimming them off once anchored. Again, this won’t be perfect and every pendant will be different depending on your stone and wire. Just tuck, twist, and trim until stone feels tight and secure! (Pic 3)

You are done! Add a nice chain and enjoy your new wire wrapped pendant necklace!

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