For the tree, I started by making the base. I used my Creeper Christmas Tree kit as a guide on size.

I made the layers up of elongated cones on top of cylinders. I used the cylinder bases because I wanted to print a strong base before the layers started shrinking.

I used the DUPLICATE function and made it smaller and continued to hit duplicate until I had 7 layers. I made all the layers the same height.

I experimented with connection points and ended up just doing cylinder cutouts on the bottom of each layer and a cylinder on top. I made them fairly big to give a strong connection between the layers.

Then I added the pegs I designed earlier. I experimented a lot with prints here too. I wanted you to be able to put the flowers on even if the branches were stacked on top of each other and glued together. But I also didn’t want the flowers to slip all the way down to the branch. Eventually I got it just the way I wanted it and made it work for all the different layer sizes.

I stacked them up and made sure the height was the way I wanted it.

After printing, I decided it needed a base, so I used the FLOWER from the Shapes Generator section and made two of them with one with slightly shorter petals than the other to give it a little something.

I added a star with a star cutout on the top for hanging on the tree.

And, done!

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