We must prepare our female headers parts. For this, you need super glue unless you find the exact header combination for your need. Thus, see this as an alternative solution.

First, align headers nicely on a flat surface and against a ruler or similar. Then, glue the missing pin combinations together. Again, some rubbing with abrasive paper improves the strength of the two pieces.

1. Make female headers for adapter board ESP32 positions

Here I assume that we want to make all female headers for all ESP32 modules unless you plan to solder the ESP32 development module to the adapter board.

  • U1 — ESP32 Sparkfun Thing Plus module — 1x12pins (female) – 1 pcs
  • U1 — ESP32 Sparkfun Thing Plus module — 1x16pins (female) – 1 pcs
  • U2 — Expressif ESP32-DEVKITC-32D module — 1x19pins (female) – 2 pcs
  • U3 – UM ESP32 TinyPico — 1x10pins (female) – 2 pcs
  • U4 – ESP32Geekcreit module with 1x15pins (female) – 2 pcs
  • U5 – ESP32 — Geekcreit-DOIT DEVKIT V1 module — 1x18pins (female) – 2 pcs

Use the following combinations based on what you have in the Amazon female header box kit. Put a tiny amount of super glue on both sides of the female headers, align them, and press them together for five seconds.

For U1 (16-pin), we need to build one from 8 + 8 headers. The 12-pin header should be in the box kit.

For U2 (19-pin), we need to build two from 8 + 6 + 5 headers

Alternatively, you can trim off one position with the side cutter from the 20-pin header without damaging the 19th position.

Headers for U3 (10-pin) should be in the box kit.

For U4 (15-pin), we need to build two from 10 + 5 headers.

For U5 (18-pin), we need to build two from 12 + 6 headers.

2. Create one Adafruit female header for their BME680

Only the Adafruit BME680 (7-pin) needs some creativity. Here we can combine 4 + 3 female headers and glue them together. Headers for the remaining sensors (U6, U7, U8) are in the box kit, i.e., 4-pin, 5-pin, and 6-pin headers.

3. Create female headers for the SPI Display

  • U10 – Main SPI connector 1x14pins (female) – 1 pcs
  • J3 – Auxiliary SPI connector 1x14pins (female) – 1 pcs

The display itself uses eight positions, excluding touch functionality. Thus, we do not strictly need any glued modifications to extend the main connector to the full 14 positions. You may want to add additional mechanical support for the display or a fully used auxiliary connector by gluing a six-pin header.

4. Female or male headers for the auxiliary connector (J3) — optional

For the J3 auxiliary connector, glue one eight-pin plus one six-pin headers together for this purpose. Another option is to use male header pins and not female headers, and for the latter case, use the cutter to make the 14-pin male header. Finally, we should have all the needed parts for soldering to the adapter board itself for the next step.

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