This one is my favourite texture! Feel free to build up more layers of the paper for a more 3D effect, and obviously feel free to get creative with the pattern you make — you don’t have to do the same as I’ve done.

First, dilute (wood) glue slightly in a plastic cup to make it runnier. This is so it will more easily absorb into the paper.

Paint a band of the glue mixture across the centre of the canvas, then lay one layer of toilet paper on top.

Add more glue on top and stipple it into the paper with your paintbrush. Coat all of the paper. You don’t want to drag the brush across as this will rip the paper.

Repeat this twice more so you have 3 layers of paper in total, with the glue mix on top.

Use your brush in an up-and-down motion to carefully push the wet paper into ‘hills’ in whatever pattern you like. I started from the centre and pushed the paper out into a ripple pattern.

Remove the excess paper.

I wanted 2 smooth bands above and below so I just added stripes of (undiluted) PVA glue as well.

Leave to dry.

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