Fill the 12v battery holder with the 8 AA batteries.

Take the 9V battery and 12v battery holder and tape them onto the side of the Tupperware, opposite of the side with housing the really and the pump (for weight balancing reasons). For the 12v, have it oriented so the cable can run along the bottom

Attach the snap-on-battery connector onto the 9V battery. Then connect the male end of the connector into the power supply module. The power supply module can then be attached on the breadboard. For our example, the breadboard is simply placed on the top of our Tupperware using the sticky adhesive on the underside of the breadboard.

Attach the female DC power connector to the male end of the 12V battery pack. Once done, use electrical tap to wrap around to connector reach the side with the relay and the pump.

NOTE: You can place the breadboard on any location to suit your particular Tupperware container, just keep in mind you may need to extend your cables to be able to reach every device during wiring

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