My husband designed this for me, since I wanted a unique planter for one of our Venus Fly Traps, and a water fountain. He combined the two with this design: Aztec Temple Bog Planter

Download the files from Thingiverse and slice them for your printer using the settings:

  • Infill: 20%
  • Resolution: 0.2
    • For Skulls and Bones topper, use a higher resolution (0.1 or 0.15—your optimal print settings) for best detail
  • Supports: Layer 5 only—Touching Buildplate only

Note: In order to fit a fly trap in the top planter section, this was printed on a Creality CR10. The bottom section is nearly 300mm-300mm, which fills the bed of the CR10. It is possible to print this on a smaller printer such as an Ender, but make sure to scale and plan appropriately, as your root space will be significantly smaller.

Note 2: On the CR10, orient the bottom layer with the stairs pointing to each corner.

Post-process print as you usually would to remove any printing artifacts and allow the temple to fit together snugly, preventing spills.

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