Lamps for buy there are like sand by the sea. But a DIY lamp, with individual coloring, is always something special. I will not hide it, building this 3D printed lamp requires a bit of craftsmanship, a.o. soldering.

This lamp can be printed as switch or dimmer version.

If you like the lamp head a bit more square, then you can find another model here:

So you have to decide first, what kind of version you want. Whereby I have to say that my dimmable version does not dim smoothly. But at least two brightness levels are available. If you don’t like it, you can always change to the switch version later!

Photos or a video are giving you suggestions for colours of your lamp.

After you have printed your parts …

Remark: As all parts are designed to fit very precisely, it may happen that you have to rework one or the other part a bit with sandpaper and/or cutter due to different dimensional accuracy of the printers and the different behavior of the filaments.

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