The first thing you need to upgrade a spider robot is the spider robot. I found this one on Amazon, I can’t be sure if that’s the same exact model as the one I had but based on the photos it’s the same thing.

Also for the shooting functionality you’re going to need something to shoot. This was a tricky one to hunt down but I found this toy gun which seems to contain the same dart I used. Again the same as the spider, I can’t be sure that it’s exactly the same thing but should be close enough to work. You have to buy the whole set with the gun, eyepatch and hook though 🙁

Just in case I included a CAD file of a dart based on mine so you can adjust it to your needs and make your own, don’t forget the spring.

Materials/ Parts needed:

3D printed parts (models in Step 1)

Continuous rotation servo motor x2

Micro servo motor x1

Mini geared DC motor x1

Laser diode module x1

Arduino Nano x1 (really any Arduino or board that fits will work)

HC-05 Bluetooth module x1

Mosfet transistor x1 (any kind you have is fine, mine was an BDX54K NPN transistor)

A protoboard and some pins/headers

A USB cable or type A plug x1

A battery (I used a cheap single cell power bank I had)

Some ribbon cable

Tools I used:

3D printer

Soldering Iron

Screwdrivers, pliers, blades etc.

Note: if any descriptions in this Instructable are unclear feel free to consult my notes on the photos

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