I created a 3d adaptive clearing toolpath.

I’m going to use an extra long (3 inch) 1/4″ endmill, because it turns out a normal 2.5″ long endmill isn’t quite enough to cut through 2″ of wood.

Under geometry I’m setting rest machining from the setup stock.

The cutting heights go from model bottom to stock top. The retract and clearance heights are both stock top plus 1/8″ because I have almost no clearance with the extra long bit.

I’m using a .02″ rough stepdown, .005″ fine stepdown, and the smoothing option. That will clear out everything it can reach from this side up.

Next I have created a 2d bore toolpath.

It’s setup for a 1/8″ endmill, and choosing the 2 holes we made for registration.

For the heights, its going to cut from the hole top down to the hole top minus 1/2″ because my 1/8″ endmill only has 1/2″ of cutting length.

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