Design Choices

Basically we have two types of extruder designs we can follow, they are:

  1. Direct Drive extruder
  2. Bowden extruder

For the Direct drive extruder the motor is mounted on the carriage , whereas for a bowden extruder it is mounted somewhere else and the filament is fed using a bowden tube. Both the designs have its pros and cons. Although Direct drive makes the carriage a bit heavy, it offers a better print quality and reliability. Hence we will stick with the Direct drive design.

Prepare the Extruder parts

For the extruder we have two main 3D printed parts which are extruder-body and extruder-cover. We need to prepare these parts by placing the M3 nuts in the appropriate position as shown. In order to make your life easier , You could use a long M3 screw to align and push the nut into the nut traps.

Mounting the Hotend

To melt the plastic, we are using a E3D v6 hotend (clone obviously). Which is pretty good and I have had no issues with it. Cut a small piece of Teflon tube and insert it into the hotend. Then gently slide the hotend along with the tube into the extuder body part. At this point we can secure the extruder-cover using a M3x18 and M3x30 (with washer).

Making the Extruder idler

Insert the plastic shaft into the 625 bearing and mount the bearing to the extruder-idler part. You might have to use some force to get the bearing in, but once its in , make sure that the bearing is smooth and free to rotate.

Attaching the Extruder motor

Fix the motor to the extruder using a M3x30 screw. Gently tighten the motor screws and do not over-tighten as the plastic might crack. Similarly mount the extuder idler using a M3x30 screw. Attach the MK8 drive to the motor and align it using a small piece of filament .

Now prepare the extruder tension-er using two M3x40 screws along with a washer and spring combination. Then screw in the idler springs in place. Make sure you do not over-tension these springs as it might cause difficulty inserting the filament.

Attaching the Probe and Cooling fan

Mount the radial fan using M3x20 screws. and also the inductive probe , we will adjust height of the inductive sensor later.

Securing the Extruder to the X-Carriage

Now, Align the extruder with the X carriage and also guide any cables through the carriage. Position the extruder properly and secure it by three screws as shown. You may also take some time here and do some cable management. Also don’t forget to add the extruder fan.

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