If you’re using fine wire, you simply need to cut 5 pieces as shown; one for the centre, and 4 for the wings. Make sure the pieces are the same length on each side so it’s symmetrical.

Use very minimal PVA glue to hold these in place (on the non-shiny side of a butterfly).

Use a paintbrush to apply the glue.

Add a very small amount of PVA around the edge of the butterfly, then place another butterfly on top, shiny-side-up.

Note that I didn’t cut the butterfly shapes out first, which made it more difficult to line them up…hence why they end up mis-aligned! So I recommend cutting the butterfly shapes out first before doing this step.

Note 1: the glue will make some ink bleed through to the underside of the butterfly, so place it onto a wipe-clean surface until it dries.

Note 2: If the butterfly stick to the surface a little, carefully take a piece of printer paper and slide it slowly underneath until you can lift it up.

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