Are you trying to decide between a thumb or twist throttle for your E-Bike? Does your thumb get overly stressed during long rides and you wish for some twist-throttle relief? Why not have the best of both worlds by converting your thumb throttle to a dual function control. I ride my 1000 watt recumbent 7 days a week for at least an hour a day. (Photo 1) And my thumb would fatigue or cramp up towards the end of many rides. So I designed this little gizmo which allows me to easily shift from thumb to twist or back to thumb again. You’ll need a welder or someone willing to do two small welds for you. This Instructable assumes you have a thumb throttle already installed on your bike. You will also need a bit of tubing, 5″ of 1/4″ steel rod, and about 4″ of ½» x 1/8″ flat stock.

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