This is a small approach of mine that shows how we can reuse apparently broken or unusable things. In this case screen of a broken laptop.

I had lying an old laptop, which was just too crappy to be used as originally intended. But screen was not half as bad and a standalone monitor would be much useful. And do you know how much natural sources are used to manufacture one computer monitor? Too much.

On the other hand reusing does not waste much. In order to make a laptop screen standalone you have to buy an LCD screen driver, such as the one listed in supplies. And that’s pretty much everything you need. Construction is pretty easy, it’s meant to be one day build.

Now the screen lives it’s second life as a monitor at dormitory, helping me to watch lectures and multitask.

Note that in instructions aren’t exact lengths, partly because I’ve lost track of it. Mainly to stimulate your creativity and I doubt everyone has exact same materials at hand as me. Take this instructable as inspiration how it could be made.

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