First, begin by measuring out how long the leather should be, even if you have followed along and made the same size wooden sides, it is a good idea to measure for your specific bag. Use a piece of string, twine, fishing line, anything similar to a string to measure the length you will need, which will be:

The distance along the edge of your wood, starting at one right angled corner, going around both rounded corners at the bottom, and finishing at the other right corner, the flat face should not be measured (see photos for example). I used twine for said measurement and cut it to length. Lie the string/twine along a scrap piece of wood, holding it taught, mark each end on your scrap piece. Then, measure the distance between each mark, this will be the length of leather you will need. Mine worked out to exactly 13 7/8″.

I decided to make my bag 5″ wide, so that would mean I need a piece of leather that is 13 7/8″ x 5″. The width can be scaled to fit any desired width. I marked these dimensions on my leather and, using a straight edge and sharp knife, I cut the piece out (upholstery scissors can be used too, however, I find a sharp knife and straight edge make a cleaner and more accurate cut).

Then, for the strap, I again used a straight edge and a knife to cut a 30″ long 1″ wide strip to form the bag strap. Using the same method as the wooden sides, use a dime to create a nice round profile on the ends of the leather strap. This should be done 4 times for all 4 corners. Mark the curve with a pencil and then, using a knife or a chisel, cut the profile in pieces until it is rounded to your line.

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