Safety first!

Always wear leather gloves and face protection when forging metals, the pieces can cause serious burns even after standing for a while. Always handle your metal as if it is hot.

Now we will need to start shaping our bronze rod.

For this ring you need a rod that is the circumference of your ring finger plus about 1cm more for the «bead holders» (being a D shaped ring the rod needed will be a little less but rather make it too long and trim the excess later), mine was about 7cm long plus you will need about 2cm extra for the bar behind the beads.

In the end I will forge around 9cm of rod to flat bar but I suggest you forge this length first before cutting off the excess as it will make handling it easier.

You can measure your ring size using a piece of string. Take the string and wrap it around the base of your finger, marking where the string first overlaps with a pen. Then, line that up with a ruler and take down its length

Now we need to anneal the bronze rod, with the butane/propane torch you need to heat up your bronze rod until it gets to a cherry red color and then quench it in a bucket of water (or if you are comfortable working with hot metal you can hot forge it without quenching first)

When the rod has reached temperature you can place the rod on the anvil and start hammering it down on one side, try to keep your hammer head as flat as possible whilst moving across the rod.

While hammering you will feel the bronze getting harder, once you feel this happening you will need to reheat the rod as above.

Flipping the rod over from time to time will help keep it straight.

Keep repeating the above until you’ve reduced the thickness of the rod from 3mm to around 0.8mm.

Now you can reheat the rod and then place it on its side and gently hammer down the side to end up with a uniform bar that’s approximately 4mm wide and 0.8mm thick.

Cut the bar you made into two pieces, one the length of of your ring the other the length of the bar behind the beads. (This will be determined by your ring size)

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