The idea for this Llamacorn came to me as I stood in the aisle at my local craft store. I had gone to the store with the original plan of making a miniature unicorn piñata. Of course I needed the necessary supplies: crepe paper, glue, string, you get it. As I was going up and down the aisles I kept catching glimpses of unicorns. Unicorn party hats, unicorn stirring sticks and t-shirts and you name it. I thought to myself that I had picked a good idea, unicorns are popular again! I was a little bit crazy about unicorns as a child (and troll dolls, I know, I know.) Anyway back to the story, I finally locate the crepe paper on the bottom shelf and low and behold as I glance up, unicorn piñatas line the entire shelf! I had come to the store to make something that I could just pluck off the shelf for a third of the cost. I didn’t want to make an unoriginal tutorial for something you could easily go and pick up yourself, how boring. As I stood standing in the aisle, looking a little bit odd for sure, the idea came to me…FUR! I darted over to the fabric section (which I never go to because I can’t sew.) You will soon see my stapler hack to replace the sewing step. And in the aisle, to my surprise, there was actual fur fabric. Then I saw a beautiful rose gold fabric and thought, «ohhh, these could be hooves». I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, but the wheels were in motion. I walked passed fairy lights and tossed those in the cart because why not? I ended up at the drugstore that evening buying ridiculously long eyelashes and on Amazon buying a next day delivery music box that plays happy birthday. That morning I went to the craft store with the idea of making a miniature piñata and left inspired to create something super random, a Llamacorn. Is it a piñata, a night light, a gift box or a music box? I’ll let you decide.

I have linked the fabric and ribbons I purchased at the craft store if you want to make your piñata similar to the tutorial. That being said, once you have the foundation of how to create it you can add your own personal flair! I hope this tutorial inspires you to great something great. Let’s jump in a get started!

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