Introduction: How to Make SVG Earrings in Tinkercad

This tutorial can teach you how to import svg files into Tinkercad and come out of it with a set of brand new earrings.


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Step 1: Open Tinkercad

First, go to your browser and find Log in and create a new design.

Step 2: Find a Design

To make these earrings we will have to find a black and white image to import into Tinkercad. I am going to look for a leaf to import. When you find the one you want, drag it to the desktop.

Step 3: Convert to SVG

Most likely your image is going to be a .png or .jpg, but whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Go to and select the image you found on the web, select SVG, click convert and then download the svg file.

Step 4: Upload to Tinkercad

In the top right corner, click the «Import» button then drag the SVG file into the upload spot. If tinkercad says its too big, then adjust the dimensions until it fits.

Step 5: Scale Your Model

Using your caliper or a ruler, decide how long you want your earrings. Then, hold shift and click on the corner adjustment square to change the length of the earrings. Also, don’t forget to decide on a height you want for your earrings. I picked 2 mm for mine.

Step 6: Add a Ring

Your model needs to clip to an earring hook, so place a torus and shrink it to the size you think seems fit. Then, highlight both shapes and press control+G to group the models together.

Step 7: Duplicate

Select your model then press control+D to duplicate it. Move one off of the other.

Step 8: Print and Enjoy

Click the Export button in the top right corner and download the .stl file. Upload the file to your slicer and then print it. Attach your earring jump ring and hooks to the loop on your printed models. Enjoy!

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