When you wake up, your dough should have increased in size and be ready to work. Plop it on the counter. Divide it in to 8 pieces for muffins about the same size as the ONLY store brand (Dividing 6 ways makes burger bun-sized muffins, 10 makes cute muffins the size my 3-year-old loves the most). The rubber spatula works well for this, but a rubber bench scraper is my favorite. A table knife or your bare hands are also effective.

Flatten the pieces and then fold the corners in to the middle like a gross-looking flower.

Flip the flower over, cup it with your hand, and then move your hand around in a large circle, pushing the dough ball inward as you do. This makes a nice smooth ball. This technique is essential for good dinner rolls too!

Roll the ball in semolina or cornmeal and flatten on your benchtop to the desired diameter. The finished muffins will end up ~50% thicker and a little wider than the shape you make them now.

Repeat for the rest of the pieces of dough.

Cover with a baking pan or plastic wrap to rest while you make some coffee (~30 minutes).

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