This lamp needs a heavy weight as a base to be stable because it is going to be high. The easiest solution to get weight is to make the base out of concrete.

Making this mold is easy since it is just a rectangular box with a piece of wood to make a slot which is going to be the place into which I can attach the leg of the lamp. I used some pieces of laminated chipboard and plywood that were left over from my aqueduct project to make the mold.
The dimensions of the base (inner dimensions of the mold) are 180x180x250 mm. The piece of wood that I use as a leg is 45×45 mm in cross dimensions. I covered that piece of wood with olive oil to ease its removal after the concrete has dried.

I placed four 10 mm wood dowels into the wet concrete after the pour which will give a place to insert screws for the small legs/pieces of wood that must be added later to lift the block off the ground. It would otherwise damage the floor.

I also wanted it to look a bit rough, more as a stone than a smooth surface pour block. Therefore I chose a concrete mix with larger stones and opened the mold only after 24 hours of drying. It damaged the surface and I also removed some small pieces by hand, then allowed it to try for another 24 hours. Then removed the piece of wood that makes the slot for the leg.

After that I drilled two 8 mm holes into the slot which are needed for the dowels that are needed to attach the leg to the base. Also made 4 little squares out of plywood which will be attached under the base to lift the concrete edges off the ground.

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