The mirror maze challenge is a fun way to practice directing light with mirrors under slightly more controlled conditions. Since the mirrors are held vertically, it may be easier to see that light hitting a mirror always bounces off at the same angle relative to the mirror.

To set up, tape your two mirrors to two (unopened) food cans. If your mirrors have an adhesive backing you can use this rather than tape. (In place of a food can, you could use a wooden block, a small box like a box of teabags; anything that will make a stable base for the mirrors and will hold them perpendicular to the table.)

Many flashlights don’t lie flat on a table since they have a wider lens in the front and a thinner handle. If so, tape a strip of cardboard around the handle, so the flashlight lays parallel to the table and the beam is visible along the table.

You will also need three toilet paper tubes. (You can substitute paper towel tubes cut in half, or make tubes with a sheet of paper cut in half the short way. Longer tubes will also work, but are more challenging.)

Finally, you need a small object such as a plastic toy or figurine.

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