I trace the joists following the plan and then drill the location of each post.

I used 8x80mm screws, the joist being 7 cms, I drilled it with a 15mm drill bit on half of its height.

The posts are cut with a miter saw, pre-drilled, then assembled to the joists, first with a power screwdriver, then by hand because my power screwdriver lacks power.

Once the end posts are installed, I continue with the intermediaries.
The posts are not all the same height, I take the sides as I go and I put them in place. In the middle, I put a double post to support both the terrace and the structure around the SPA.

The structure is made up of 5 rows of joists.

I then cut the struts to solidify the structure.
The goal is to be able to walk, without worries, even at the edge of the SPA.

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