I have discovered that Rit Scarlet, Rit Golden yellow, Rit Green, Rit Purple, and other dyes like Malachite green, Sodium fluorescein concentrated, Rhodamine b concentrated, etc can be mixed with Titanium dioxide to form a paint-like material for art.

I recommend adding tween 20 or glycerol to avoid causing the paint to shed a bit (it a very small issue, that may be avoided with tween 20, or soap detergents.)

We will be using paintbrushes made from wood fiber which are cheaper and easier to work with than acrylic fibers.

Warning: Rit dyes are toxic, Malachite green is an irritant and is toxic, Methylene blue and ethanol crystal violet is an Irritant and is toxic. Handle with care. Titanium dioxide dust should not be inhaled. Low toxicity but Irritating to lungs and mucus.

Hot acetic acid is irritating and its fumes are not nice to inhale.

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