This project was the first time I had ever used a sewing machine (everything before this was done by hand). I pulled out my mother’s vintage singer from the 1970s. I first had to thread the machine with special thread. Because this awning bag will be outside and in the sun at all times I needed to use UV resistant thread. After winding the bobin and threading the needle I almost got to work. I realized that it would not be possible to just stitch willy-nilly and I needed the zipper to be held to the fabric. I accomplished this by adding some doubled sided tape along the zipper (but that didn’t hold that well) and I added spring clamps (not pictured).

When you get to the end, don’t forget to back stitch, which basically means putting the machine in reverse and going over your stitches. This locks the stitch from coming loose.

I then went back and added a second set of stitching beside the first (double stitching) to add strength.

Most sewing tutorials will tell you to use pins along the seam, but I didn’t want to do that as I wanted to lesson the amount of times the waterproof fabric was punctured. (but I was probably over thinking this, so feel free to pin it)

Additionally, I added blue masking tape to be used as a guide to ensure the stitch was the same distance from the edge of the zipper.

If you have never used a sewing machine before it can feel a bit overwhelming. I suggest doing a bit of practice first and maybe checking out some instructables that introduce you to sewing:……

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