Introduction: Outdoor Bar and Stools Made From Junk

I will show you how I made an outdoor bar and bar stool seating using broken, discarded furniture and old rusty farm equipment.


Broken console table, discarded broken bar stools, rusty tractor seats, rusty farm implement wheels, paint, welding torch, JB Weld, Screen door handles.

Step 1: Building the Bar — Part 1

I had a broken and battered console table with a nice thick and sturdy curved top. I sanded and stained the table top.

Step 2: Building the Bar Top — Part 2

The curved bar top wasn’t as long as I wanted the bar to be and I wanted it to be a little more interesting so I took a nice pine board, cut it long ways to match the narrowest part of the curved table top, then rounded the ends using a JigSaw. I sanded and painted the pine board.

Step 3: Building the Bartop — Part 3

Screw the pine board onto the bottom of the table top, aligning the flat edge. This allowed the the curved top to protrude from the bottom board and have extended lower level «wings» on each side.

Step 4: Add Base to Bartop

I used rusty iron wheels from some old farm implement as the base of the bar and attached them to the bottom of the bartop using screen door handles. The rims of the wheels were angled and the handles allowed enough room to hold them in place.

Step 5: Making the Bar Stools

I found these 2 thrown out bar stools in the recycling. The vinyl tops were nasty and moldy and they were covered in broken plastic. I took the seats off and removed all the plastic down to the metal base, then spray painted the metal bases to match the bottom layer of the bar top.

Step 6: Add Rusty Metal Wheels to Stool Foot Rest

I took the top part of the base off and slid another pair of rusty farm wheels onto the pole between the base and the foot rest.Luckily the hole was just the right size.

Step 7: Paint the Tractor Seats

I took two rusty tractor seats, sanded them down to remove flakes and spray painted them

Step 8: Attach Tractor Seats to Stool Shaft

This was a little tricky. One tractor seat was steel and I was able to weld it to the seat base. The other seat was heavy cast iron and I was not able to weld it. I used a bunch of JB weld and it worked really well. Very solid. I ground down the extra JB weld as best I could and touched up the paint.

Then I put the stools back together.

Step 9: Weather Proof Bartop

I added an extra coat of stain to the bartop and then several coats of Polyeurothane to the whole wooden top to weatherproof it.

Step 10: Invite Friends and Enjoy!

All that’s left is to add snacks, beverages, bbq and invite some friends to enjoy the new outdoor bar.

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