Now that the parts are beginning to take shape, I added grip texture to the upper part of the Handle using a raised extrusion and the spiral tool which was then projected as a circular pattern around the entire outer surface of the Handle.

At this stage, the Driver is mostly complete and I created slite in the tip of the driver which will become the Driver Point. These slits are to allow the Driver Point to flex and hold on to the needle when the Fastener is tightened.

With the Driver complete, I cut the model into 2 separate parts and saved them individually. With the two parts created I made a hole at the end of the Driver to facilitate the Driver Point. I then added a section to the Driver Point to be threaded which will screw into the Driver.

The Fastener then had a rib added to the outer surface for grip when tightening. The ribbed sharp edges were smoothened using the fillet tool then repeated around the outer surface using the circular pattern tool.

With all the parts now created, the sections to be joined had right-hand threads added. All threads were then offset by -0.3mm to allow for various 3D printer tolerances. At 0.2mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle, these settings work great.

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