Once your earrings are done baking, you can put them together with your earring findings.

If you are using earring wires similar to these, you can either add an earring hook to the top hole with a jump ring or place the hole through a pair of stud earrings (I like the stud earring method since you can switch them between being more obviously Zelda-themed by using triforce studs, or more subtle by using an ordinary set of stud earrings).

Since the ear wires I use have a small loop at the top of the earrings, I also added a Swarovski drop crystal at the center of one (for a bit of a princessy touch) and used a headpin and amethyst bead for the other set (since the amethyst is a similar color and shape to spirit orbs).

You can also add a matte glaze if you wish over the flowers to protect the clay. Be sure the glaze is compatible with polymer clay if you do, or it can become sticky over time (do not use nail polish or mod podge, as they both tend to react and turn sticky).

And you are done! You can take these with you on your next adventure, although there is no promise they would give you any special abilities to sneak past monsters 🙂

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