Be sure to brace the boxes with at least one 1 x 4 brace at the bottom of the box. If the box is shorter, the cleat itself can act as the top brace, if the box is taller, a top brace is beneficial. Pre-drill and countersink those pieces using the Spax screws. Before attaching the cleat, make sure it is angled with the lower part of the cleat the furthest from the box, which will be flush with the mounting wall. Also consider where on the box you decide to mount the cleat and the height you will end up placing the main cleat on the wall.

Another way to do this system is to make mounted cleats across the backer board spaced just enough so that the cleat on the box will fit. That way the frame of the box can rest against other mounted cleats instead of bracing the box as I did with the 1 x 4 scrap. Personally, I didn’t want to cut that many cleats to mount all across my storage surface and chose instead to do it this way. I can always move the mounted cleats to exactly where I want them if my storage needs change.

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