I have not used this method, yet, for this project. But, I will be using this method for printing the 1/2″ socket trays as those trays are too large for my dual extruder printer.

The procedure for this would be:

  1. Place a pause in the printer’s GCode at layers located 3 layers lower than the surface of text that I want to be displayed. (So, 3 layers below the bottom of the recessed letters.) At this pause, I will change the filament to a different color. (white)
  2. Place a pause in the GCode at the layer just above the surface of the recessed letter. At this pause, I will change the filament back to the base color (Red/Blue)

I have created an Alarm box for this purpose to alert me when it is time to change the color. For more information on the Alarm Box, please see my write-up at: Color Change Alert Box for 3D Printer

For another example of how I changed colors on my single-extruder printer, please see my write-up at: Robot Lightswitch Plate

Print Settings:

Since these trays will be in my toolbox in my un-insulated garage, I chose PETG and ABS as my preferred filaments for this project. PLA is the easiest to print but may distort in the heat. I printed with 15% infill, 3 walls, 3 bottom layers and 6 top layers.

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